Individual Membership

Our Individual and Group membership gives you access to a variety of top-quality exercise equipment and fitness personnel to enhance your workout. You have full access to weight machines, dumbbells, elliptical, Stairmasters, and many more top of the line equipment – all you require to kick start your fitness journey

Why choose Zone Fitness membership:

We have professional trainers with personal training certificates and college degrees in sport science. Our trainers can effectively design personalized fitness programs that fit individual needs. This way, you get the maximum out of your exercise routines and workout sessions Joining Zone fitness as a member will dramatically increase substantial health benefits. If you maintain a consistent exercise routine, it can help you prevent many health issues such as heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol, stress-related illness, and certain kind of cancers. Now that is one advantage that you should surely take advantage of by opting for gym memberships. Staying motivated is difficult if you are alone on the fitness road. Heading to the gym and being around others who are in the same condition as you can give you the motivation to keep going. You can merely pick up on that friendly competitive vibe that you will never get when exercising alone

1 MONTH60,000 RWF
3 MONTHS150,000 RWF
6 MONTH350,000 RWF
12 MONTH450, 000 RWF RWF