Corporate Training 

Zone Fitness Kigali has created this custom corporate wellness program that fit big organizations/businesses. Please take the time to review our corporate wellness program

Program Description

Corporate wellness program is a discounted gym membership offered to organizations/businesses for their employees. This program provides full access to gym equipment including services such as; classes and programs as part of a voluntary or flexible benefit package.

Why choose Zone Fitness Corporate gym membership:

Employee health and well-being is a top business priority that boosts employee engagement, productivity, mental health and reduces sickness absence. Therefore one should be picky about whom to hire for fitness services. A body is a temple, and putting its progress in the wrong hands can have painful results. We are proud to have licensed personal trainers and fitness consultants available, with wealth of experience helping people of all ages, walks of life, and fitness levels reach their goals. Our fitness program adopt a science-based approach to maximize results while minimizing risk of injury. This approach is used extensively by professional sports teams and competing athletes. When you partner with Zone Fitness Kigali, you benefit from a smart approach to fitness that just plain works better.

Request for Quation

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